Pinewood Derby 2017

The annual Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby was this past weekend. The boys had a great time and they did pretty good. Both Logan and Deacon got first in all three of their heats. Finn got first once and second twice. They were quite pleased with their results.

Logan – Jurassic Car fastest heat 145.9 mph

Deacon – Decomeister 101 fastest heat 148.2 mph

Finnegan – Steel Lizard fastest heat 142.9 mph

We also entered into the family race this year. My husband really wanted to work on his own car after attending last years Pinewood Derby. However, the Counsel Chair convinced me that I should do one of my own as well. I took her suggestion and did it in secret. Seeing our Allie girl just passed away a few weeks ago, I figured I would make a secret car in honor of her. I named it the Gray Ghost. Thanks to a old friend that is handy with a saw my secret plan went off without a hitch. Five minutes before leaving for the Derby I told the kids that another family member was going to enter the race. Allie!!

Well Ms. Allie WON!! She got the fastest time in the Family Race…even competing with my husband. Also, her best time beat every time for every car raced that day. 152.8 mph!

The kids were so happy she won. They want to make an Avery Car for next year.