Vampire Diaries Finale Predictions

I can’t believe The Vampire Diaries is ending forever tomorrow. Although it’s due to close out after an eight year run, I’m still sad. I’m going to miss my favorite characters. So what will this finale entail?

Credit: CWTV

*spoilers* Don’t read any further if you’re not caught up.

First of all, we know that Elena wakes up. I’m assuming that Bonnie is the “main character” that dies, seeing she did collapse at the end of last week’s episode. This would explain Elena waking up. However, if Bonnie is NOT the dead main character, then just maybe those two cutie-pie siphons actually siphoned the spell. It was a Gemini spell after all.

If Bonnie IS dead, does she get to spend eternity in her little realm she created with Enzo? I’m wondering if she created a new “other side.”

Katherine is BACK!! This one is hard to believe. She must have really worked her Katherine magic to become Cade’s right hand girl and successor to Hell. Now I find this compelling. The entire first and second seasons of the show were orchestrated by Katherine behind the scenes the entire time. It seems fitting that she’s been orchestrating season 8 this entire time. So will Ms. Katherine walk into the moonlight with Stefan? That is what she’s been wanting, right?

I’m still secretly hoping for Caroline to get swept away by Klaus and end up on The Originals.

With Stefan being human…shouldn’t he be aging at a rapid rate and his organ’s shutting down, like with Katherine. He’s like 170 years old! That should be happening to Elena too, right? This is where I’ve been confused the past couple seasons. If you go back to season 4 the cure is BAD!

Delena – Yes, we’ll end up with Damon and Elena together. You  know the writers will give you that one.

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Seeing the series started with Stefan being the writer of the diary saying, “This is my story,” I think Julie Plec with poetically end it that way.

So one last cheers to vampires, witches, werewolves, curses, hybrids, originals, dopplegangers, travelers, sirens, blood bags and crazy ex-girlfriends. So long Mystic Falls.

What are your thoughts? Do have any predictions for the finale? What are hoping for?