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Spring is officially here, although the temps aren’t quite agreeing yet here in New England. In the yearning for warmer weather and sunshine I decided to grab a good beach read. The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand. What I love about reading a Hilderbrand book is that they all take place in Nantucket. I used to spend my summers as a nanny out in Nantucket and I truly miss it. These novels bring me back to those gorgeous summers. The sounds of the beach and the smell of Honeysuckle while walking down Fair Street. Love it. I love reading a book and I can say, “I’ve been there.” “Oh, my favorite lunch spot.”

So The Rumor is everything you want in a summer beach read. It’s quick and saucy. A small island is just like a small town, they’re hubs for gossip. And boy does some gossip (and some truth) fly through this novel.

You have best friends. Madeline and Grace, who’s friendship will be tested with all the rumors flying around the island.

Madeline – A novelist with severe writers block. She seems to be happily married with a teenage son. With a deadline beyond looming, Madeline makes a desperate decision when she starts scribbling away on her legal pad, the beginning of a tale she shouldn’t be telling, especially when it falls in the hands of one of the many island gossips.

Grace – A stay-at-home that’s now being ignored by her 16 year old twin girls and workaholic husband. Should I mention the crush on the gardener?

Eddie – Grace’s husband and real estate developer who has found himself in some hot water.

Are Madeline and Eddie having an affair? He was at her writing studio downtown. Is Grace caught up with Benton Coe, the sexy and recently single gardener? Rumor has it she may be pregnant! As the gossip swirls, Madeline and Grace’s friendship is tested. Will they ever set it all straight?

It was a definite page-turner. Perfect for a mindless afternoon of relaxing. It’s like Real Housewives hits Nantucket!

Are you getting your summer beach reads together yet?

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