Reptile Handler

A few years ago we had a Reptile Birthday party for my son Logan. Logan has been obsessed with dinosaurs and reptiles since he was two. The party was awesome! He absolutely loved it. He was beaming the entire time.

Logan has since reached lovely tween-hood and nothing makes him smile like that anymore. UNTIL last week when he was asked to be a 5th helper at the Book Fair. Animal Experiences was going to be at the Book Fair and Mr. Marchetti was going to need some help with his array of reptiles and other animals. When I tell you my child was HAPPY tonight, that’s an understatement. The boy was in his element showing kids how to hold the reptiles properly and teaching them all he knows about the different species. He took his new job very seriously. This past weekend preparing for this “job”(as he referred to it) was all he talked about. He even had a certain snake shirt that he planned to wear that day.

I miss seeing him so carefree and happy. He looked over at me and said, “Hey mom, this is what I’m going to do when I grow up.” Heck, if it pays your mortgage baby, do it!

His brothers of course got in on the action and had to hold everything there. They had a wonderful time, and I think it’s the longest I ever had to stay at the Book Fair. I’m an in and out kind of mom, but to see these smiles was worth every minute.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this. What a wonderful experience. Something he will always remember. Maybe Mr. Marchetti needs an assistant on the weekends?

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