We Don’t Do “Kids” Music

I was never the mom that played “Kids” music in the car. No XM Disney Channel, Raffi CDs, or KidzBop. My kids listen to what I’m listening to just like I did as a child. I mean seriously, where on earth would have gotten a deep appreciation Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, or The Eagles if it weren’t for my dad? So in my car we listen to real music. Music I like. And boy is that a big spectrum. We listen to everything from Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Johnny Cash, Sinatra, Tim McGraw, Beastie Boys, the Lumineers, Maren Morris…but I draw the line at NWA. We’ve got to have some limits, right? It’s not something I really ever thought about. Occasionally I’ll turn off the Pop station and go to the Country station because lets face it, some of that Pop stuff is not just nasty but the lyrics are plain stupid. It makes me crazy. On occasion my middle one will ask the meaning of song. No big deal.

So while my husband and my youngest were sitting at the table playing restaurant while the other two guys were dutifully filling their roles as Waiter and Master Chef, my little guy suggested some music. “Mom can you play the make my world go Black song? When I listened to it the other day it was so relaxing.” Make my world go Black? My husband looked perplexed. Ahhh! Dierks Bentley Black.  The song is called Black. Good song. I love the tempo, but wait a second. I gave my husband a slightly panicked look. The song is basically about a male orgasm

Make my world go black, hit me like a heart attack, knock me flat on my back, yeah
Just keep doing that, that thing you’re doing there, brush me with your hair, I swear
I don’t know how long that I can last
Make my world go black, black
Make my world go black, black

My little guy is just singing away. He finds it relaxing…ironic.

What do you think this song is about? I ask.

The room is dark like black and relaxing and his Love is there.”  Simple enough.

This almost has me questioning my No “Kids” Music policy. But then again, I wasn’t damaged by listening to Madonna, Sir Mix A Lot, or Janet Jackson. Let’s not overthink this. Hey, if they can play Salt n Pepa’s Push-It at the elementary school’s Boy’s Night event (but make the PTO helpers return all the Nerf guns submitted into the raffle – that’s another post)…I think I’m okay. I’m not judging.

Do you find your kids listening to slightly inappropriate songs, but they haven’t a clue?