Wacko! It’s In Our DNA

I’ve never been one to take things too seriously. I may be a very rational person and a tad OCD, BUT I like to goof around too. One-liner jokes, sarcasm, and chasing my kids around as the Belly-Eating Monster is my norm. When I was a kid I loved to make my big brother laugh. I’d act like different TV characters all of the time. It all usually started with the shower. The shower was like my Superman telephone booth. I’d go in normal and come out with a ¬†completely different and WACKY personality. My brother dubbed me Wacko…well the after-shower personality was Wacko. I wasn’t Wacko ALL time. Seriously. I am somewhat stably minded.

My brother will still occasionally send me a text when his daughter has got the case of the Wackos. It’s in our DNA I thought.

Then this came flying around the corner into the kitchen the other night. My son. Right out of the shower. My Wacko!

Yeah, it’s definitely in the DNA! And I still get a little Wacko too. One of my favorite things is scaring the kids with a good mud mask. Gets them every time.