Art Night: A Near Mom Fail

I nearly had a mom-fail tonight. I completely forgot all about Art Night. The kids even made cute invitations to Art Night, and I forgot to mark the THREE calendars I have…well, four if you count the monthly calendar the school sends home that clearly indicates Art Night is April 27th! Yeah, go Mom! Fortunately, one  of the boys reminded me while we were on our way home so we made a quick stop. All of 5 minutes of being cultured by fine elementary school artists. We walked the hallways and found each of their displays.

Do you see that self-portrait? It looks happy, and maybe a little mischievous (see that left eye?). Totally my Finnegan.

And this self-portrait, it’s crazy and all over the place just like he is.


This guy. He’s the artist of the family. I’m in love the hair in this one. Let’s take a closer look…

This self-portrait epitomizes Logan. He has completely captured his current personality. A GRUMP! Seriously, look at that scowl! Those slanted eyebrows and angry eyes. It’s a TWEEN! I can’t help but laugh. This one will definitely be making it to the bin of childhood treasures.

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