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I’m continuing on with a Nantucket theme while I’m still craving real summer weather. After finishing The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand, I started looking for some similar authors and found Nancy Thayer. The Guest Cottage is the first novel I’ve read from her and I really enjoyed it. Another light summer read, perfect for the beach.

Rational and sensible Sophie is dropped a bomb one evening when her husband and father of her two children tells her he wants a divorce. Apparently, he’d been seeing a younger and sexier version, and wants out of the marriage. On an impulse she rents a friend’s cottage out on Nantucket for the summer.

In another part of Boston, Trevor is trying to help his little boy cope with the loss of their wife/mother.  A therapist recommends he take his son Leo on a little vacation. Get out of their daily surroundings. Trevor rings a friend and rents a cottage out on Nantucket.

Low and behold both Sophie and Trevor have rented the same cottage, a bit of miscommunication with owners. Their children hit it off immediately and they decide on a trial run of sharing the house, which is big enough for both of them.

Friendships are built and characters heal and grow in ways they never thought possible. Sophie rediscovers who she is aside from being a devoted wife and mother. Trevor witnesses Leo finally opening back up after this loss of his mother. It’s an uplifting story, and I highly recommend it.


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