One Girl’s Lesson on Possessive Nouns

One of my son’s last homework assignments this year was on possessive nouns. You know the ones that show ownership. The assignment was to look around your home and write a list of objects and their owners using possessive nouns. He understood the concept just fine. Adding apostrophe S where it was to go.

Logan’s Lizard

Dad’s Boots

Deacon’s Game

Mom’s Sink


Wait a second. Did he just write the word SINK!? Mom’s SINK!!

Yes, yes he did. Mom’s Sink! The SINK is mine. The damn kitchen sink. Is this really what he thinks of me? The proprietor of a stinking SINK!? What kind of image have I given to my kids where they think the sink belongs to me? Am I totally failing here?

So without going on a total feminist rampage I asked some questions. Do you really believe the sink is MINE? Shoulder shrug. Doesn’t Daddy do dishes? Yes. Do you boys rinse your dishes in the sink and put them in the dishwasher? Yes.

So why do I get the sink? This is something that is supposed to be just mine. Out came the eraser.

Mom’s running shoes.

Thank you!

Now I refuse to do any dishes for a month.