One-on-One Time

There is nothing like getting a little one-on-one time with any one of my little guys. Even if it’s just running an errand or carting one off to practice, those small moments together without anyone else are so special.

I asked the boys if anyone wanted to come with me to return library books and drop some things off at Grammie and Papa’s house. I got ONE volunteer. “I will my honey, honey.” he said with a wink. With that wink I suspected there might be some ulterior motive, but he seemed to be just excited with a little one-on-one time. It gives him a chance to talk without being talked over by his older brothers. He gets to express his opinions on things without hearing from them that he’s wrong. He gets all of mom’s attention. 

We went about taking care of our two errands then stopped for a little treat. We talked about the restaurant he wants to have someday and all the recipes he plans on making. He even made a few suggestions for birthday presents for his big brother. When I commented that it was getting a little chilly he said, “Come closer, I’ll keep you warm.” I don’t think either of us wanted our date to end. Bottling this moment up to keep it forever. I hope he always enjoys spending time with me. 

He has the sweetest heart.

Don’t worry Mom. I won’t tell my brothers. They’d be jealous.”

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