His First 5K

Every time I run a race my middle one always says, “I can do that. I want to run the next one.” So this year I signed him up for Finish For A Guinness on the condition that he actually train for it. And he did. We did training runs, and he actually started listening to my tips when I advised he really should pace himself. He figured out what I was talking about when we did our 2 mile training run.

The morning of the race was rainy. We both thought it would be miserable, I even offered to let him stay home. Nope. He was ready for this race rain or shine. Lucky for us it cleared up a little bit and we were ready to roll.

We ran the first mile straight through without a break. I was so proud of him. I warned him about the giant hill ahead.  It’s a BEAST I told him. Luckily we have a lot of hills in our neighborhood so he was ready to tackle it.

But it was, as it is every year, “HORRIBLE!” Then we kept on trucking after my promise of donuts and cookies at the finish line. I need to get him a shirt that says, “I run for Donuts.”

We finished the race in 37 minutes. I was SO PROUD of him. We had such a great time together. It so special getting that one on one experience with your child. Sharing a “first” moment with them.

I can’t wait to do this with him again next year.

An no, I didn’t let him drink the Guinness. Eleven more years.