Pumpkins and a Dash Mom Guilt

I love FALL! It’s one of my favorite seasons. I love the crisp cool air mixed with some warm sunshine. I love apple picking and making pie. I love to make soup for my family. I love our fall traditions of going to Ferich’s Farm and getting our mums and our pumpkins and enjoying a fun hayride through the farm. Well guess what? We didn’t do any of that this fall and I feel terrible about it. I feel like I just gave up some of my last precious moments with my guys. My Time Hop feed reminds me each day of all the fun things I’ve done with the boys in the past and how little and adorable they were. I can’t stop time and it’s killing me.

We would make fun crafts and decorate the house. We would make sweet Halloween treats every weekend. I literally just put up our pumpkin lights this weekend and half our decorations are still in a bin in the basement.

Seriously. How could I let that precious time slip by this year? I feel like a failure. Granted the weather has been more summer like this October. The kids were actually swimming one weekend. If it wasn’t 80 degrees it was pouring rain. But still, how much longer will they want to go get pumpkins with their mom? Not much longer, I’m sure of it, and I just wasted it!

Hey mom, are we getting pumpkins? Halloween is Tuesday.

The guilt. Off to the local garden center we went. No pretty farm. The bonus of getting our pumpkins late is that we got quite a good deal on them. The boys didn’t seem to mind that we missed the hayride and the goats, along with the little western town set up, but I did.  Times going too fast. When it goes, it goes, and there is no getting it back.

What are some of your favorite fall traditions? Do you still do them each year no matter how old your children get?