Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery

We visited the Lafayette Trout Hatchery with cub scouts a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it! It was something I had never thought of doing. The boys were fascinated, as was I. The DEM keeps all our ponds and streams stocked with various trout. I never realized what an undertaking that was. They are even trying to introduce salmon back into our streams. Hopefully, it is successful this year.

We started inside the hatchery where the boys got to see the eggs and some of them were hatching. They were thrilled.

They saw pools of various types of trout swimming around, waiting for their next feeding. Apparently they eat A LOT!

After that we headed outside where the real fun began. They learned so much about the different species of trout and other fish here in New England. They learned about grading fish and stocking ponds. But their favorite part was being able to feed the trout. They even got to touch a couple.


Checkout Aquatic Resource Education (A.R.E) Program for Children and Adults which offers different workshops and training programs. I know my husband is interested in the Fly Tying Workshop. He’s always talked about learning how, I just never knew the DEM offered such great programs.

I highly advise you check with your state’s DEM to see if there are hatcheries nearby for you to check out. The kids will absolutely love it! It makes the perfect school field trip or scout outing.

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