Fitness Friday – No Crunch Abs

I went to a class this week with a friend of mine. It was a killer workout. We worked it ALL. Legs, arms, shoulders, and abs. We did a ton of V-ups, running crunches, and straight-leg crunches. By the time I left the gym not only were my abs on fire, but my spine and tailbone felt bruised. It was even worse when I woke up this morning. It got me thinking about all those great moves you can do to target your abs without putting your spine through a beating. Here are a few great videos of no-crunch ab workouts. I personally love side bends with weights and Russian twists with a weighted medicine ball. A good dumbbell cross chop is good too. Hope you find something you like.




There are so many great moves to choose from to save your spine. Do you have a favorite?