Well I Thought It Was Funny

My oldest is twelve. A “tween.” Complete with the huff and puff, followed by an exaggerated eye-roll, but overall he’s a good kid. He’s not your typical tween/teen that is obsessed with his phone. He really only uses it to text my husband and I when he is on his way home from school. Occasionally, he will text one of his cousins. He often doesn’t even know where it is or if it’s charged. He’s just not a phone kid. So imagine my surprise when I get a text from him that he is furious with his English teacher because she took his phone away and sent it to the office. He missed the bus when he went to retrieve the phone at the end of the school day. He was SO MAD! Apparently his phone rang in class while it was zipped up in his pocket. The kid who never checks his phone didn’t realize that the ringer was on and he got a call from a telemarketer. There goes the phone.

I had to explain to him that she was doing her job. There are plenty of kids who try to text in class and keep their phone on when they are not supposed to. Even though he had no idea his ringer was on, she had to follow protocol. Lesson learned.

Then I did what a fun mom does, and I sent him a meme to lighten the mood. It wasn’t like he was actually in trouble.


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I thought it was funny. Hilarious even. He didn’t find it very amusing. Oh well. Win some, lose some.

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  1. Should my “pre-teen” (he’s 10 and calls himself a preteen) ever get a phone he will be glued to it. I think that meme is hilarious! I bet yours thinks so, too, but is too mad to admit it 🙂

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