Heard From the Backseat: Episode 5

heard from the backseat

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday. I ignored the laundry that needed to be done, and the housework, and the yard work and spent time with my boys. It was very much needed. We went and got our first Del’s lemonade of the season, spent time at the park, and then went to a friend’s baseball game for a little while.


Things were quiet for a bit on the way home. We were exhausted. Then came the crazy.

L: My feet are so hot like they’ve been under a horse’s butt all day.

D: Yeah, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.

F: Is that bacon?

D: I could eat 100 cows.

L: Imagine if Godzilla had heat vision. That would cook 100 cows.

D: Yeah, that’s a lot of steak.

I spawned little weirdos.

Fitness Friday – Anywhere Workout

I haven’t tried anything new in the past week. I’ve been trying to get outdoors for runs as much as possible now that the weather is getting better. I have also been pressed for time while readjusting to working full time again. It’s a struggle but I have to make the time. A friend of mine sent this pin over to me yesterday so I gave this one a try today. It’s a scorcher!

Four things I love about workouts like this:

1.) Time saver. You do as many reps as you have time for. Only have time for one round? At least you did something.

2.) No talking. Yes, don’t speak to me until I’ve showered and had coffee. It’s perfect when I want to squeeze in an early morning workout.

3.) It’s a calorie scorcher that works your entire body. I love a workout that hits all of the muscle groups.

4.) You can do this anywhere. At home, in the park, at the office, or a hotel while traveling. No GYM! These are the types of workouts I’m always looking for.

What new workouts have you tried this week? Please share.