Fitness Friday – Full Body Circuit

I was hoping for a nice Spring run yesterday, but as this New England winter doesn’t want to go, I opted for indoor full body workout instead. I started with a quick warm-up on the treadmill and the perused my Pinterest board for something new to try. I came across this gem.

Quick and easy was my original thought. Then I hit round two with the 30 jump squats, mountain climbers, and burpees that made me scream. Yeah, I had to break it down into 10 at a time. But I made it through. I think finishing the workout with the sprints was my favorite part. Right up my alley. Revving that heart rate up at the end of workout to keep those calories burning.

I won’t lie to you, it’s a little intense. I was still feeling it the next day. That, for me, makes it a great workout.

Going Back to Full Time

Well I’m going back to work full time next week. While part-time has been a financial burden, it’s been absolutely wonderful as well. I’m going to miss my Wednesdays the most. Wednesdays are the days that I volunteer at school in the morning. The days I fit in a good run and then make myself an awesome breakfast. I’d sit there with my breakfast and coffee in silence. Get some social media work done. It was bliss.IMG_20150325_094205613_HDR

Wednesdays are the days I get the grocery shopping and food prep done. My mid-week day that I get it all done actually. It’s the day I shine up my super-mom cape. The day I would dig in the garden, cut the grass, or rake the leaves. Whatever it was that didn’t get done over the weekend. My two days off gave me the chance to really spend more quality time with my kids on the weekend instead of cleaning and running errands. I’m surely going to miss that.

However, the ONE thing I am going to miss the most is getting the opportunity to pick my kids up from school twice a week. It is the highlight of my day (aside from the crazy wind vortex in the back schoolyard). Every single time, they run out to me with big smiles and open arms with a “Mom!” The. Best. Motherhood. Moment. THAT is what I will miss the most.