One Girl’s Lesson on Possessive Nouns

One of my son’s last homework assignments this year was on possessive nouns. You know the ones that show ownership. The assignment was to look around your home and write a list of objects and their owners using possessive nouns. He understood the concept just fine. Adding apostrophe S where it was to go. Logan’s… Continue reading One Girl’s Lesson on Possessive Nouns

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – 42 Seconds of Silence

Summer version of the Quiet Game.


Anticipating Summer Vacation

I see so many posts from moms not wanting summer vacation to begin. Their kids home day after day. I guess I kind of get it, but I personally can’t wait. It can’t come soon enough. Maybe it’s because I work full time and I’m not stuck in the house with them day in and… Continue reading Anticipating Summer Vacation