When the Oldest Has a Birthday

9 years old

My first baby turns 9 today and I’m having a hard time with it. Now over the past few years I have come to realize that when he has a birthday I find it so much harder. I’m not sure if it’s be cause he is the first…okay, yeah it is. I admit it. He was the first to turn 2, 4, 6. The first to go to kindergarten. By the time the rest turned 2 or 4 it’s more like been there, done that. I know it’s not fair. Each of them are just as special and I get all sappy for each of their birthdays, but I’m having a tough time with this one. The LAST birthday before double-digits.

I read a quote this week in regards to parenthood. It said something along the lines of the days are long and the years are short. It completely resonated with me.  It’s so true. Motherhood itself. The DAYS are long. You count the hours till bedtime where you can finally sit and relax. Then you blink. The YEAR has gone by in a flash. Gone. I sit here now at the computer going through old photos. Recalling the times I thought, “when will this phase end!?” Now I am looking back thinking how much I miss those phases…even the not so great ones. I want to watch Nemo for the billionith time! Please!

little Nemo

I miss the missing front tooth. I miss the tiny little voice. I miss having to read seven board books before bed. I miss bubble baths. I miss the world revolving around Whale. I miss singing along to Little Einsteins. I miss silly conversations about ice cream.


Happy NINTH Birthday to my adventurous, fun, creative, and artistic boy. And thank you for being the first to make me a Mommy. It’s been my greatest journey.

one years old



The Weekend Recap

Well it was a busy one. I am so glad I have Monday off. We started the weekend off with a sleepover. Two nephews, a niece, and my three boys. Six kids. That means not a moments peace…at all. But I love doing it. We do it every once in a while and the kids just love it. It’s just always the aftermath that gets to me. LOTS of dishes. Toys everywhere. Blankets and sleeping bags to clean up. And of course my children take turns having meltdowns all day because they didn’t get enough sleep. But all in all it’s worth it.

Saturday night we had a little family movie night. We all piled into my bed and watched Hook. Yeah, I got all teary-eyed half a dozen times. Either PMS or the sadness over Robin Williams. I just can’t believe he’s gone! It breaks my heart.


Sunday, I was up before the sun for my race. And it was flippin’ cold!!! Now having Raynauds and having to stand out in the cold waiting for a race to start, and then having to run with no feeling in my toes or the balls of my feet…it was tough. However, by mile two I was all warmed up and it ended up being one of the most enjoyable runs I have ever had. The course was absolutely gorgeous! 6.2 miles of Ocean Road. The beaches, the gorgeous homes/estates. The sun was shining and there was a small breeze coming off the ocean. My running buddy and I kept perfect pace. Our splits were on target for each mile…something that rarely happens with us. We met our goal and that’s what was important to us.

ocean road 10k

Sunday didn’t end there. Onto a birthday party. My children got a horse for the first time and absolutely LOVED it.  Now I have FOUR kids asking for a pony…yes, a pony is still on my husband’s bucket list. Oye.


How was your weekend?