The Reptile Expo and Lots of Snakes

Every time I take my son to the pet store to get crickets for his gecko, he wants the newest issue of Reptile Magazine. When he gets in the car he immediately turns to back of the magazine where there is a list of Reptile Expos that are happening throughout the country. He does this… Continue reading The Reptile Expo and Lots of Snakes

The Kitchen

Little Chefs – Meatball Parmesan

My youngest has been enjoying time in the kitchen with me lately. He’s loves making pizzas for his brothers. He adds all sorts of things and even asks if they want white pizza or pizza with sauce. It’s funny because he’s been making up recipes since preschool. Like this lovely strawberry topped banana, which was… Continue reading Little Chefs – Meatball Parmesan


Fitness Friday – Struggles With Mom Guilt

I’ve been all over the place lately. Good weeks, then bad weeks. No consistency. I’ve been letting the mom guilt sink in under my skin when I had promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen anymore. My husband has been doing the school pickup and the vast majority of the homework lately before I get… Continue reading Fitness Friday – Struggles With Mom Guilt