A Saloon of Cowboy Bandits

I came home the other night to a gang of cowboy bandits coming down the stairs challenging my husband to a dual. You can tell they recently watched the third installment of Back to the Future. They were using their best little accents. It was hysterical. Then they said they would be at the saloon… Continue reading A Saloon of Cowboy Bandits


Strange Visitors

We had a lot of strange visitors this past Monday. First, there was the sun. Yes, that round yellow thing in the sky that brings forth warmth and a well-needed dose of vitamin D. It was glorious…even if it was only 28 degrees out. Heck, I’ll take it.┬áJust no more snow please. Then there was… Continue reading Strange Visitors

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Christmas Mom is Coming To Town…

I sat down to write my to-do lists this morning. Lists for the husband and kids too. This is what happened… She’s making a list She’s checking it twice She’s going to give us lots of advice. On all the chores that we will have to do! She dreams them when she’s sleeping. She thinks… Continue reading Christmas Mom is Coming To Town…