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I was invited to join a fabulous group of bloggers, all from my little state of Rhode Island. Who knew this little state held so many talented and creative women! Not only are these woman a great support system and soundboard for thoughts and ideas, they are great friends. We support each other and our community. Browse through these sites, I’m sure you will find something you’ll enjoy. There are lifestyle blogs, foodies, fashion gurus, books, humor, giveaways, and just plain old mommy rants. Enjoy!RB_logo

Rhody Bloggers:

Audrey – Mom Generations
Candice – The New Modern Momma
Carla – All Of   Me Now
Courtney – The   Mod Mommy
Elizabeth – DocuMama
Elizabeth – Learning To Juggle
Heather – Housewife   Heather
Heather – Kraus House Mom
Jane – Mom Generations
Jen – Keekoin  
Jen – Savor The Thyme
Jessica – 30 Something Mother Runner
Jessica – Keeping Mommy Sane
Joanna – Baby Gators Den
Jodi – Blush   Mamas
Kameron – My Wrinkle In Time
Kerri – Six   Until Me
Kristin – Mama   Luvs Books
Laura – My So Called Sensory Life
Lauren – Don’t Lick The Trashcan

Leah – Mothers Circle

Liza – Cira’s   Lyrics
Megan – A Baby Makes Four
Melissa – Filling Our Bucket
Melissa – A Woman of Steel
Melissa – The Mommyhood Chronicles
Michele – Dodging Acorns
Michelle – Wildflowers StudioNicky – 5 Stars Families
Renee – Lute Family
Sarah – Simply Mommies
Sarah – Soxy’s   Diamond
Sarah – Sweet   Lil You
Sheri – When The Kids Go To Bed
Stephanie – Stephanie’s Mommy Brain
Tera – Girl   Gone Healthy

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