First Day of Middle School

I’ve been a nervous wreck for the past year about my first born starting middle school. Like seriously, it feels like I just dropped him off at kindergarten with his little dinosaur lunch box and a bag of Goldfish. A full laundry list of worries would pass through my mind. Will he keep his same… Continue reading First Day of Middle School


His Summer Obsession, Snorkel Mask

My son had been asking for a full-face snorkeling mask this summer. With his birthday coming up we did some research and found that they do make them in kids sizes. Onto his birthday list it went, and he was beyond thrilled when he opened it. This thing is great. You can breathe through your mouth… Continue reading His Summer Obsession, Snorkel Mask


Almost Fall TV Time!

I’m always sad for the end of summer, but knowing we’re getting closer to my shows returning makes it more bearable. What are you looking forward to this fall TV season? I’ve been diving right into Entertainment Weekly and reading up on all my returning shows. I’m most excited for Outlander returning September 10th. This season covers book… Continue reading Almost Fall TV Time!