Fitness Friday – 6 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise. We know that ┬ámost of us exercise for the trim waistline or the numbers on the scale, however exercise can do so much more for you. Exercise is an amazing tool for good mental health. When I run I call it my therapy because it IS exactly that. It’s my mental health therapy. If… Continue reading Fitness Friday – 6 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise


Reptile Handler

A few years ago we had a Reptile Birthday party for my son Logan. Logan has been obsessed with dinosaurs and reptiles since he was two. The party was awesome! He absolutely loved it. He was beaming the entire time. Logan has since reached lovely tween-hood and nothing makes him smile like that anymore. UNTIL… Continue reading Reptile Handler

just me

The Rare Art of Relaxing

Let me give you a little insight into my daily. I work full time behind a desk. Sitting all day. It drives me crazy, but it is what it is. I get home around 5:30, and I’m lucky enough that my husband has already taken care of the majority of homework duty. Bless him, because… Continue reading The Rare Art of Relaxing