A Natural

He’s been so excited to start baseball. He played t-ball a couple of years ago and wasn’t too into it. We waited a couple years and now he’s ready. He’s seriously comical. The day of his first practice he said to me, “I need to practice my catching and throwing, but I can bat already.

Wordless Wednesday – Opening Day

Wordless Wednesday – another baseball practice

Stuck watching another baseball practice. What’s baseball without a dog?   

Marching Along

Sorry for the lack of descent blog posts lately. What can I say? It’s not that I haven’t had any content, I’ve just been too busy with it all. I’ve been meaning to share our t-ball opening day with you all week, but I just haven’t found the time and honestly, I’m wiped out. The

Wordless Wednesday – We’re Ready For Some Ball

A Letter To The Ice Cream Man:

Dear Mr. Ice Cream Man. Why must you park your truck with all its precious goodies; popsicles, frozen lemonade, novelties shaped like Spiderman, RIGHT in front of the T-ball field in the MIDDLE of their game? It makes no sense. Of all the fields to park in front of you chose the field with 4

To The Field We Go

My oldest son is 6. He’s never shown interest in playing any organized sports. We play soccer in the backyard. We move my dining room table and play hockey, but he’s never really shown a true interest. My other two on the other hand have. So I signed Deacon up for T-ball. This is painful