Happy Earth Day!!! Here’s Our Favorite Earthy Books

In celebration of Earth Day, I wanted to share some of our favorite children’s books that teach about the environment. It’s Earth Day! by Mercer Mayer The Berenstain Bears Go Green   The Lorax: Dr. Seuss   Busy Beaver: Nicholas Oldland   Do you have any more to add?  

The Bookshelf – The Hardy Boys: The Secret Files

I’ve been trying to find some new books for my middle son. He and my oldest have different interests so a lot of the chapter books I have to hand down are not among his favorites. I was trying to think of some classics and The Hardy Boys came to mind. Then I came across

The Book Shelf – The Dragon Masters Series

My son has been devouring the Dragon Masters series by Tracey West. He is anxiously waiting for the fifth installment to be released in April. Anxious, as in he actually asked if it was out yet. You see as much as I LOVE to read and I read to my kids every night when they

The Bookshelf – Nicholas Sparks, See Me

Well I haven’t done a book post in quite a while. The kids are reading their own books and I’ve been drowning in the Outlander series. FINALLY, finished booked four! After that I needed a little break from the kilts so I turned to good ole’ Nicholas Sparks. He’s never failed me. Well actually, twice.

The Bookshelf: Summer Secrets (Book Review)

I was so excited that Jane Green was coming out with a new book just in time for enjoying poolside. Summer Secrets is the perfect beach read. Drama, drama, drama! I devoured it. I was dragged right in with the first chapter. The story focuses on Cat, a journalist living in London. Cat is a recovering alcoholic trying

The Bookshelf – The Three Ninjas Pigs

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I did a bookshelf post. I use to do them every week because we would read so much, but now the kids are onto chapter books so we really don’t get as much “together” reading time in. However, Deacon insisted on getting this book from the book fair,

The Bookshelf – Aesop Fables

This was the BEST Target $1 bin purchase ever. The boys absolutely LOVE it! They have been reading these classic fables all weekend. My husband has been enjoying them too. I never realized how many fables there were. There has to be close to 100 fables in this book…for a DOLLAR! Timeless tales with great life lessons.