Reptile Handler

A few years ago we had a Reptile Birthday party for my son Logan. Logan has been obsessed with dinosaurs and reptiles since he was two. The party was awesome! He absolutely loved it. He was beaming the entire time. Logan has since reached lovely tween-hood and nothing makes him smile like that anymore. UNTIL… Continue reading Reptile Handler


My Son Won’t Stop Singing Sir Mix A Lot

Every teen or twenty something of the 90’s remembers Sir Mix A Lot’s hit “Baby Go Back.” It’s a song that once you hear it you can’t get it out of your head as vulgar as it is. Well my seven year old would not stop singing it this weekend! First of all, where did… Continue reading My Son Won’t Stop Singing Sir Mix A Lot


Ending Summer with a Camping Weekend

I’m always sad to see Summer go. Gone are the carefree nights, late bedtimes, and Sunday Fundays poolside. Back into the early bedtimes, homework, lunches, and busy schedules. We ended summer this year with a camping weekend with some friends and it was one of the BEST weekends we had all summer. The kids had… Continue reading Ending Summer with a Camping Weekend