Friday Night’s Battle Was Epic

It’s Monday morning and I’m still finding Nerf darts all over the house. Everywhere! But I’m not complaining. We had an epic family battle. Kids against the grown-ups. We sometimes forget in the midst of our lives and endless to-do lists that it’s so important to just drop it all and play! They’re only little for so long. So although there was popcorn on the floor, darts everywhere, and swords strewn all over the entire house…the mess is welcome and well worth it.

Nerf battle



Don’t forget to play. They’ll remember when mom got them square in the back with a foam dart and my victorious war whoops that followed.

Heard From the Backseat: Episode 1

heard from the backseat

L: If they put worms in people’s food then they would get fired from their job! The state would get them fired and they would live on the street. They would be like homeless.

F: If I was homeless I would have to sleep on the street and then have to travel all ov-duh-time!

D: Well Finn, you could just go get a job and then get money to buy a house and a car, oh, and maybe even a swimming pool! If you do really good you might even be able to get a Playstation!

F: Oh yeah, I like that idea!

The wisdom of babes

The Minecraft Torch

Making a Minecraft Torch

Along with many kids and adults across the world, my sons are obsessed with Minecraft. One son in particular is beyond obsessed, and drives me crazy daily with his Minecraft madness. He wants every book and toy out there. We were in Target the other day (because when are we NOT in Target?), and we just happened to go down the aisle that had Minecraft toys. Now I’m all for them putting together a wish list. I go off that for their birthdays and Christmas, and the occasional “you did an awesome job” surprise, but looking at the cost of these toys blew me away. A foam sword was $20. I could get a better quality Nerf sword for $10-15. The quality was terrible…but it was Minecraft MOM! The little torch, which is just a rectangle flashlight…another $20. Beyond ridiculous. $15 for a plush ocelot only 7 inches long. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

We had a super rainy day and he was nagging me about that darn torch. Between him nagging me about Minecraft and him wanting to do crafts I was spent. I had had it. “Go make one!” I said. “Okay” he replied. Crap! what did I just get myself into? Making a Minecraft torch. To Pinterest I went but I couldn’t anything that wouldn’t require me running to the craft store or having to print out some printable I had to pay for. Lets figure this out mama. I went through the recycle bin and found some cardboard and the two of us got t work. Quick, simple, and maybe not the most cool looking torch…but the boys LOVED it! They loved it even more because we made it ourselves. “Who needs one from Target?” he commented.

First we grabbed a box and cut the corners off. We put the two pieces together so it would make the rectangular base of the torch.

minecraftingLogan then took brown paper and colored it all “minecrafty” for lack of a better word. Pixely…maybe?


We then wrapped the base with the construction paper.


When then placed an extra piece of cardboard in the top of the torch and wedged it about an inch down. We then took an electric tea light and placed it inside.

DSC_0073We colored some white tissue paper because we didn’t have any yellow or orange paper on hand. We then made a top that could come on and off to turn off the candle. All three were thrilled with the results. Now I have to make two more.