A Natural

He’s been so excited to start baseball. He played t-ball a couple of years ago and wasn’t too into it. We waited a couple years and now he’s ready. He’s seriously comical. The day of his first practice he said to me, “I need to practice my catching and throwing, but I can bat already.

Wordless Wednesday: First Dandelion of the Season

Wordless Wednesday – This is Living Life

The Bookshelf – The Hardy Boys: The Secret Files

I’ve been trying to find some new books for my middle son. He and my oldest have different interests so a lot of the chapter books I have to hand down are not among his favorites. I was trying to think of some classics and The Hardy Boys came to mind. Then I came across

Our Cub Scout Adventure

The boys just finished their first year in Cub Scouts. It was a great journey and they all want to continue on next year. I think Scouts was a really great fit for them. They love the outdoors and enjoyed meeting new friends. What I personally loved about it was that it taught them more

Wordless Wednesday – My Little Indiana Jones

Mom Reality: Fort Building #momreality

It never seems to fail. Every time. It’s like “Whoa, look at this nice clean space, let’s build a fort and drive mom insane!”