Scared by Silence….And Sometimes Laughter

When the boys were little and it got REAL QUIET in the other room I’d panic. You just knew they were getting into some type of trouble because God knows they didn’t miraculously put themselves down for a nap. Thoughts like “Did I leave an unattended Sharpie?” would flash through my mind. There was even… Continue reading Scared by Silence….And Sometimes Laughter


A Little Flashback Friday

I came across this little gem from when my little guys were “little guys.” I had completely forgotten about this. Our dear fish Patch-Eye Jack had a little mishap and there was someone to blame, and his big brother made sure his entire class heard the news.   Translation: “My little brother Finn gave my… Continue reading A Little Flashback Friday


ONE Reason I Love My Brother

He totally gets my sense of humor like no other…