The Battle Over Healthy Foods

As I sat down for dinner with my family Sunday night I felt defeated. I honestly could have just crawled under the table and curled into a ball. Why is it so hard to get my family to eat healthy? It’s not like I’m trying to make them love tofu. It’s plain old chicken people.… Continue reading The Battle Over Healthy Foods

The Kitchen

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

I had a serious craving for hash browns the other day thanks to The Life of J-Wo’s post on the subject. However, in attempts to eating cleaner and healthier I tried to ignore the craving. You know how it goes…that craving does not go away until it has been fulfilled. This got me thinking of… Continue reading Sweet Potato Hash Browns

just me

My Skinny Ass Is Still Here

I know the blog has been a bit scarce lately. I’ve religiously delivered my Wordless Wednesday and maybe an occasional post of how my kids made me laugh so hard that I almost peed my pants. However, I’ve been slacking. Maybe slacking is not the best choice of words because I personally feel like it’s… Continue reading My Skinny Ass Is Still Here