Upgrading the Chore Chart

I started a chore chart years ago to teach my boys the basics about taking care of themselves. Hanging up coats, putting shoes away, putting their clothes in the hamper and their dishes in the sink. Just the basics…things I think any two-year old can learn how to do. For the most part, they’ve done well, better than their daddy. In the beginning they would get a sticker for each “chore” they did. After a while it became second nature to just do it (which is what I intended). They still need reminders of course, but they’ve done well.

Now that they have mastered the basics and they’re getting older, it’s time to give them more responsibilities. I’ve looked at many chore chart printables but never found anything that worked perfect for my family. I decided I would do my own. I wanted to steer clear of having to grab stickers every single time they did something. I wanted to find something simple.

First I made a list of chores around the house that needed to be done and they were capable of doing and wrote them down. I didn’t want to give one kid one chore like take out the recyclables and another kid sweep the floor. I wanted something where I could switch it up any given day so they don’t have to do the same thing every day. Also, some jobs could be done by two kids, like watering the flowers. Then it clicked…the clip system. The boys do a behavior clip system at school. Everyone starts on green and depending on behavior you can be “clipped down” or “clipped up.” The full rainbow spectrum. I figured I could use that basic platform for my new chore chart.


Each morning I decide who is going to which job and put their clothes pin on that job. When they have completed the job they get to move their clip to the other side. I also added their reading or school work. Once they have done their daily reading or a worksheet they can clip over. So far they’ve been excited about it. Also, having two kids put on a job together makes it more fun…a little teamwork. Giving them bigger jobs gives them a sense of confidence. If I feel they’ve done a great job for the week, we might go get a frozen lemonade or ice cream.

clip system chore chart


Do your children do chores? How do you keep track of who does what?

clip system chore chart

Embrace Those Rare Moments

There is this VERY brief moment in time. A moment that needs to be both savored and celebrated. It doesn’t come along very often and it only lasts a little while. It’s much like a comet…


Catching up ¬†on the laundry. Cheers my friends. I’m savoring this moment…if I’m lucky, it will last more than an hour.

laundry and wine

Sometimes You Get Wowed


Do you ever have one of those WOW moments? A moment when you can’t wait to get on every social media network and tell the world about it. Facebook, tweet, insta-everything. You’re just that amazed and excited. I had one of those moments today. I came home from work and my husband had cut the grass, fixed the gate (broken since the blizzard), cleaned up the house a bit. But that wasn’t my WOW moment.

I went into the bathroom and I could smell it. It’s not the vile thing you’re thinking. I could smell the toilet cleaner. MY HUSBAND CLEANED THE TOILET….without being ASKED! Just pinch me. Pinch me now. I wanted to shout from the rooftops. Run to the computer and announce how freaking fantabulous this was. I was so proud. My honey cleaned the toilet.

Sure. My hubby cleaned the toilet if squirting toilet cleaner in it and flushing constitutes cleaning. Damn.

Oh well. No complaints here…my gate is finally fixed.