DIY Dragon Eggs

It’s not a secret, my boys are dragon obsessed. An obsession that has lasted for years and still hasn’t fizzled. So while my oldest was perusing the internet looking at “dragon eggs” I suggested he make his own. It was so easy and he really enjoyed himself. You simply need any size Styrofoam eggs and… Continue reading DIY Dragon Eggs


Paint & Vino with Mom

Ever throw something on your list of things you want to do and then just never get around to doing it? My mom and I have been wanting to do a Paint & Vino night with my aunt and cousin for what seems like FOREVER. Well, we finally did it! We had so much fun.… Continue reading Paint & Vino with Mom


They Have Me Looming Dragons

I knew it was a mistake the minute the words left my mouth. “Why don’t you get out your Rainbow Loom?” You see, my kids are bored. It’s February vacation and we can’t do anything with the constant snowstorms coming through every other day, and the below zero temps. Oh, and one of them is… Continue reading They Have Me Looming Dragons