Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery

We visited the Lafayette Trout Hatchery with cub scouts a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it! It was something I had never thought of doing. The boys were fascinated, as was I. The DEM keeps all our ponds and streams stocked with various trout. I never realized what an undertaking that was. They are… Continue reading Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery


Another Year of Scouts

Another year of Cub Scouts has come to a close. They had another great year. Camping, hiking, cooking, and community service; I love that they get into all of this. We have such a great little scout community. They didĀ Scout for Food, Operation Holiday Cheer, Caroling at Jugan House, Regatta Race, Pinewood Derby & Scout… Continue reading Another Year of Scouts


Pinewood Derby 2017

The annual Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby was this past weekend. The boys had a great time and they did pretty good. Both Logan and Deacon got first in all three of their heats. Finn got first once and second twice. They were quite pleased with their results. Logan – Jurassic CarĀ fastest heat 145.9 mph Deacon… Continue reading Pinewood Derby 2017