Wordless Wednesday – “Got Soup!?”

Jump Start Monday

I’m not a fan of Mondays. Not at all. I get the Sunday blues around 3pm because I dread Monday. It’s back to the crazy juggling act in hopes that I don’t drop the ball somewhere. (Mental note: Friendship snack for Deacon’s school on Friday) Sunday evenings were bearable for a while when I was

Brotherly Love

My first two boys sometimes worry me. They have some similar interests…then they are completely opposite. Like oil and water. I love that they have their individuality. I mean what fun would it be to have three little boys that were all the same? But honestly, sometimes I just can’t take it. Logan doesn’t want

The Dinner Battle

If I have to say “pick up your fork and eat,” one more time I might burst. I try to make a balanced dinner. I try to give each child something they like without becoming a short-order cook. But when they all have a plate of all foods they like, why aren’t they eating it?