The Kitchen

A Soup With No Name

Well the cold weather has hit New England so you should be expecting a lot of food posts coming from When The Kids Go To Bed. I’ll be hibernating in my kitchen until April, and helping everyone put on winter weight. You’re very welcome. I was cleaning out and washing the inside of my refrigerator… Continue reading A Soup With No Name


Pumpkins and a Dash Mom Guilt

I love FALL! It’s one of my favorite seasons. I love the crisp cool air mixed with some warm sunshine. I love apple picking and making pie. I love to make soup for my family. I love our fall traditions of going to Ferich’s Farm and getting our mums and our pumpkins and enjoying a… Continue reading Pumpkins and a Dash Mom Guilt


Almost Fall TV Time!

I’m always sad for the end of summer, but knowing we’re getting closer to my shows returning makes it more bearable. What are you looking forward to this fall TV season? I’ve been diving right into Entertainment Weekly and reading up on all my returning shows. I’m most excited for¬†Outlander returning¬†September 10th.¬†This season covers book… Continue reading Almost Fall TV Time!