The Reptile Expo and Lots of Snakes

Every time I take my son to the pet store to get crickets for his gecko, he wants the newest issue of Reptile Magazine. When he gets in the car he immediately turns to back of the magazine where there is a list of Reptile Expos that are happening throughout the country. He does this… Continue reading The Reptile Expo and Lots of Snakes


How My Family Runs on Dunkin’

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all the Dunkin’ love is 100% my own. Does your family run on Dunkin’? Mine sure does. We make our daily stop at our local Dunkin’ every morning on the way to school and work. I think that the entire staff there knows how I take my coffee;… Continue reading How My Family Runs on Dunkin’


Summer Movie Preview 2017

It’s ALMOST that time. I couldn’t believe it when the EWeekly issue for the Summer Movie Preview arrived this week. Goodbye cold crappy weather! So what am I excited to see this summer, there are quite a few. Let’s start with some movies we’ll see as a family. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 –… Continue reading Summer Movie Preview 2017