Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery

We visited the Lafayette Trout Hatchery with cub scouts a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it! It was something I had never thought of doing. The boys were fascinated, as was I. The DEM keeps all our ponds and streams stocked with various trout. I never realized what an undertaking that was. They are… Continue reading Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery


25 Days of Giving: Your Outdoorsman

Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Hiking…all the loves of an Outdoorsman. I have one in my house and I’m sure he would LOVE to have anything ¬†and everything on this list. GoPro – so durable. Perfect for documenting those outdoor adventures. Good quality hiking boots. Gadgets. I came across these two and thought they were fantastic.I think… Continue reading 25 Days of Giving: Your Outdoorsman


Ending Summer with a Camping Weekend

I’m always sad to see Summer go. Gone are the carefree nights, late bedtimes, and Sunday Fundays poolside. Back into the early bedtimes, homework, lunches, and busy schedules. We ended summer this year with a camping weekend with some friends and it was one of the BEST weekends we had all summer. The kids had… Continue reading Ending Summer with a Camping Weekend