Well I Thought It Was Funny

My oldest is twelve. A “tween.” Complete with the huff and puff, followed by an exaggerated eye-roll, but overall he’s a good kid. He’s not your typical tween/teen that is obsessed with his phone. He really only uses it to text my husband and I when he is on his way home from school. Occasionally,… Continue reading Well I Thought It Was Funny


No Offense But….

This kid! I ran three miles, cleaned out my pantry, and did some yard work Saturday morning. While standing out on the deck after pitching up a tent for them to sleep in I said, “Ugh, I’m disgusting. I need to take a shower.” To which I heard a little voice say, “Yeah, no offense.” “No offense what?”… Continue reading No Offense But….


Heard From The Back Seat: Switch-a-roo Day

My husband has been away in Maine the past couple of days so it’s just been me and the boys. In certain circumstances, it makes things easier for me. There is one parent and one answer. In other ways it can be a challenge with juggling both work and the kids. While driving home tonight… Continue reading Heard From The Back Seat: Switch-a-roo Day