Nerf-Lovers Dream

I came home from work last week and there were Christmas catalogs sitting on the dining room table. Already!? The kids were thrilled and started circle things. It’s hard to believe how quickly this year went by. My boys are super excited for some of the new Nerf items coming out. We got to test… Continue reading Nerf-Lovers Dream

The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf – No Girls Allowed

It’s awful to find kids playing and then see that they’re excluding someone. It truly irks me and I have a need to get involved. As a parent I try to teach my kids to treat everyone fairly, even when their peers are not being so fair. Spring is coming and we’ll be hitting the… Continue reading The Bookshelf – No Girls Allowed


A 4-Year-Olds Take On Babies

The kids often like to joke around about having more babies. Mommy and Daddy have made the decision NO MORE BABIES. We’re all set. Well at least I’m all set 100% of time; the husband…he sometimes gets the itch, “Only if I can guarantee it would be a boy” he says. Yeah, not going to… Continue reading A 4-Year-Olds Take On Babies