Fairwell 2017, Hello 2018

2017 was certainly not one of the best years. There is certainly plenty to be thankful for, but still not the best of years. We lost our sweet Allie early in the year and it has been quite an adjustment for us. On the brighter side, we have had some great furry house guests that… Continue reading Fairwell 2017, Hello 2018


Fitness Friday – Manageable Goals

In anything thing you embark on in life it’s best to set manageable goals. Manageable goals make what seems to be a big and difficult task easier. When it comes to getting healthy and staying fit I like to apply the same theory. I can’t just sit back and say, “I want to lose 10… Continue reading Fitness Friday – Manageable Goals


Fitness Friday – A New You?

Happy New Year!! Here comes the time of resolutions and setting new goals. I think the majority of people enter into the new year with the hope of a “New Year, New Me.” Well, I’m not one of those people this year. I was sitting here jotting down some goals for the new year and… Continue reading Fitness Friday – A New You?