Bad Weeks Happen

Some weeks are certainly better than others. Last week was an “others” kind of week. I thought it was going to be a good one. We celebrated my son’s 12th birthday Sunday. God help me! It seriously goes by way too fast. We made his favorite loaded nachos for dinner, and the boys were all… Continue reading Bad Weeks Happen


His First 5K

Every time I run a race my middle one always says, “I can do that. I want to run the next one.” So this year I signed him up for Finish For A Guinness on the condition that he actually train for it. And he did. We did training runs, and he actually started listening… Continue reading His First 5K


First Day of Middle School

I’ve been a nervous wreck for the past year about my first born starting middle school. Like seriously, it feels like I just dropped him off at kindergarten with his little dinosaur lunch box and a bag of Goldfish. A full laundry list of worries would pass through my mind. Will he keep his same… Continue reading First Day of Middle School