Off He Goes To Kindergarten


This sweet sleeping angel starts kindergarten tomorrow. Full day kindergarten. I can’t believe it. I’m trying not to get all sad and weepy about it. The baby. My baby. I’m trying to see the positive things. No more payments for preschool. Having all three boys in the same place at the same time for the next three years! One drop-off and one pickup! Truly that’s the major turn on here.

Then I sit here and watch him sleep. He still has those baby cheeks and those long lashes. I worry. I hope he’s going to be okay. All the same worries I have had for the other boys. I may put up the front with the been there, done that…but still each time one goes my heart hurts a bit. And this little guy is pretty darn unique. I had to explain that he can’t talk about archery or hunting. I can see him explaining the difference between broad heads and field tips to the girl next to him. That sort of stuff is foreign here in Little Rhody. He totally gets it. As I reminded him again last night he said, “I know, I know Mom! Really! But I can still talk about animals right? I love them!” “Of course I replied!” To which he then asked if it was okay to talk about both wolves and elks….”Because Elks are really beautiful and the bucks have big racks.” Good luck to his teacher! I feel this little goofball will make great friends with the principal.

So even though it’s the third time around…I still have those same anxieties. Is he going to be okay? Is he going eat all his lunch and listen to the teacher? Will he make good friends? Will he cry? In my heart I know he’ll be okay. He’s “a little excited.” I think mama just needs a little cocktail to calm her nerves and get a good night rest.

How did you first day of kindergarten go for your little ones?