Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery

We visited the Lafayette Trout Hatchery with cub scouts a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it! It was something I had never thought of doing. The boys were fascinated, as was I. The DEM keeps all our ponds and streams stocked with various trout. I never realized what an undertaking that was. They are… Continue reading Touring Lafayette Trout Hatchery

family time

Scouting Camporee

We attended out first Cub Scouts Camporee this past weekend. We didn’t do the sleepover, I’m not sure they’re ready for that yet, but we stayed the day. The Camporee is lead by the Boy Scouts. The Boys Scouts teach the Cub Scouts a few things about being a scout; from tying knots and first… Continue reading Scouting Camporee


Our Last Kindergarten Graduate

Our “baby” graduated kindergarten. Ahhhhh! My heart hurts. Why do they have to grow so fast? He’s the BABY! He still rocks the roll very well, but I just can’t believe he’s going to be going into first grade. I keep picturing him hiding under the chair at his first day of preschool. He went… Continue reading Our Last Kindergarten Graduate