My Special Date

Last week I had a full day and night with my youngest. My husband took the two older boys to scout camp so it was just Finn and I. I thought he would be a little upset about not joining his brothers, but he wasn’t. He could not wait to get mom all to himself.… Continue reading My Special Date


Rough Mornings

  A 7 year old and his harmonica, BEFORE I’ve had my coffee. Oh no. “Did you like my song? I’m just so good at music. Want to hear another one?” I had no words. Send java. Stat.  


We Did Something Right In This Parenting Gig

Being a parent is hard. You’re in charge of raising these little humans and turning them into kind, functioning adults. Most of us are just skating through and hoping we don’t screw up. Sometimes you’re not even aware you’re screwing up. It’s when your kid does something thoughtful without being prompted that you realize that… Continue reading We Did Something Right In This Parenting Gig