Heard From the Backseat: Episode 5

heard from the backseat

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday. I ignored the laundry that needed to be done, and the housework, and the yard work and spent time with my boys. It was very much needed. We went and got our first Del’s lemonade of the season, spent time at the park, and then went to a friend’s baseball game for a little while.


Things were quiet for a bit on the way home. We were exhausted. Then came the crazy.

L: My feet are so hot like they’ve been under a horse’s butt all day.

D: Yeah, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.

F: Is that bacon?

D: I could eat 100 cows.

L: Imagine if Godzilla had heat vision. That would cook 100 cows.

D: Yeah, that’s a lot of steak.

I spawned little weirdos.

How This Winter Is Affecting My Parenting Skills

As I was baking in the kitchen today and watching re-runs of Friends while my children played video games, I began to really see what this winter has done to me. It’s totally changed my parenting. We are so out of our routine with snow days, school vacation, and blustery temps that keep us cooped up indoors. I can’t stand it. I like routine. This is what winter has done to me as a parent.

  • My husband and I have been bingeing on Sons of Anarchy. Full fledged binge. To the point where we have to stop and say, “we need to take a break, we should probably feed the kids dinner.”
  • Video game time limits. What limits? It’s keeping them occupied, right?
  • Baking. Lot’s of baking. Feeding my kids tons of sweet treats. Pretty much daily.
  • Chores? “Please just stay out of my way and I’ll do it myself.”
  • Pajama days, every day? Go for it kids.
  • Hmmm, when is the last time they all took showers? I’m getting confused. My schedule is all off.
  • Snacks count as lunch, right?

This needs to end. I need structure and routine back. I need space (aside from hiding in my kitchen baking). I need not to have 6 foot wall of snow surrounding my driveway. I need my kids to shower, eat some fruit, and read a book. I’m just too depressed to argue with them.

How are you getting through this winter? Do your parenting skill get compromised when cooped up inside?

Okay, I need to start the next episode of SOA. Cheers, friends!

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