Fitness Friday – Family Fun and Spontaneity

I’m feeling really guilty lately. I’m working full time this summer. For the past two summers I’ve been part time and have been able to spend more time with my boys. Well that’s all over and now the summer guilt is setting in. That mommy guilt that I certainly didn’t miss. I’ve missed multiple workouts because of this guilt. I miss my babies people!!

I sat at work all day feeling just horrible. It was the perfect day to take them to the beach or a hike around the reservoir. I was sitting at my desk while they were at home playing Legos or videogames. It was killing me.  I wanted to spend time with my boys but I also wanted to get a good workout in. It’s hard to find the time. Why not combine them?

As soon as I got home I changed, went up stairs, and said, “get your Skyzone socks!” Absolute delight! They were shocked and we had a blast! A half hour jump was just enough. And all you momma’s know that a half hour jumping on the trampoline is more like a double workout.

Full body workout…Check!

Fabulous time with my boys…Check!

Family Exercsie fun

Get out there! Grab your family and get moving. Actively playing with your family is the BEST workout you can get. I know my boys are never going to forget the time mom came home from work and told them to grab their SkyZone socks. It was the day mom got her first pair of SkyZone socks too! The spontaneity is what really made it special.

What are you going to do with your family?

Our Last Kindergarten Graduate

mom and finn

Our “baby” graduated kindergarten. Ahhhhh! My heart hurts. Why do they have to grow so fast? He’s the BABY! He still rocks the roll very well, but I just can’t believe he’s going to be going into first grade. I keep picturing him hiding under the chair at his first day of preschool.

hidingHe went from hiding and barely speaking to anyone, to being up on a stage singing and doing a little solo presentation. My heart.


k grad

Kindergarten was wonderful. He had an amazing teacher and made so many great friends. I’m excited to see what’s in store for him next on his journey, but man I’m going to need some more tissues. Slow down baby boy. Please. My heart can’t take it. We won’t even talk about your brother turning 10 this year.

dad and finn

On to FIRST GRADE we go!!

Heard From the Backseat: Episode 5

heard from the backseat

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday. I ignored the laundry that needed to be done, and the housework, and the yard work and spent time with my boys. It was very much needed. We went and got our first Del’s lemonade of the season, spent time at the park, and then went to a friend’s baseball game for a little while.


Things were quiet for a bit on the way home. We were exhausted. Then came the crazy.

L: My feet are so hot like they’ve been under a horse’s butt all day.

D: Yeah, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.

F: Is that bacon?

D: I could eat 100 cows.

L: Imagine if Godzilla had heat vision. That would cook 100 cows.

D: Yeah, that’s a lot of steak.

I spawned little weirdos.