Bad Weeks Happen

Some weeks are certainly better than others. Last week was an “others” kind of week. I thought it was going to be a good one. We celebrated my son’s 12th birthday Sunday. God help me! It seriously goes by way too fast. We made his favorite loaded nachos for dinner, and the boys were all… Continue reading Bad Weeks Happen


No Offense But….

This kid! I ran three miles, cleaned out my pantry, and did some yard work Saturday morning. While standing out on the deck after pitching up a tent for them to sleep in I said, “Ugh, I’m disgusting. I need to take a shower.” To which I heard a little voice say, “Yeah, no offense.” “No offense what?”… Continue reading No Offense But….


Anticipating Summer Vacation

I see so many posts from moms not wanting summer vacation to begin. Their kids home day after day. I guess I kind of get it, but I personally can’t wait. It can’t come soon enough. Maybe it’s because I work full time and I’m not stuck in the house with them day in and… Continue reading Anticipating Summer Vacation