family time

The Rustic Drive-in

I usually start summer with a “Summer Bucket List.” I even did this as a kid. At the start of summer I make a list or mental note of things I’d like to do during summer. On the list this year was take the kids to the drive-in movie theater. This has also been on… Continue reading The Rustic Drive-in


Bad Moms Trailer

Absolutely CANNOT wait to see this!! Gather up your mom friends with a good sense of humor…and maybe smuggle a little wine in your bag.  


Elves Like Movies Too!

It’s only the 13th of December so the Elf hasn’t turned into a pain in the ass yet. Although it will. Promise you that. I think my husband are having more fun with it than the kids. Last night’s shenanigans… Why can’t the Sam the Elf and his friends have Friday Night, Movie Night too!?… Continue reading Elves Like Movies Too!