September Sundays

Today was a September Sunday. September is the month I push the reset button. It’s sort of like a New Year, but more like a Spring Cleaning. I washed windows and curtains and scoured the basement for things I could throw out. I cleaned the inside of the refrigerator and started organizing the pantry. I’ve… Continue reading September Sundays



There is something about getting rid of things that just makes me feel oh so good. Either by donating stuff or throwing things away, or even re-purposing something, it all makes me happy. A full curb on trash day makes me giddy. It not only declutters my house but it declutters my mind, and there… Continue reading Purging


Adjusting Back to Full Time

I started back to full time this week. I knew it would be an adjustment, and it’s going to take some time. But as I sit here folding the last load of laundry (for tonight anyway, the hamper is still full), I can’t help but think of all of the things I’m NOT going to… Continue reading Adjusting Back to Full Time