Wordless Wednesday

Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Reading to the Dogs

My heart is on the floor. He wanted to read to the dogs. He even asked if they would like to take a turn. Then he said sometimes he misses Allie so much that it hurts. I held back the tears, gave him a snuggle, and told him they were so happy to be hearing… Continue reading Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Reading to the Dogs


How Kids Process Grief

I find that each of my boys processes grief a little differently even though they have been raised the same. It’s actually kind of fascinating. With the recent loss of our Allie, I got to see how different my boys truly are.   My oldest seems to get angry first. Then he goes to sad.… Continue reading How Kids Process Grief


Goodbyes Suck

Saying goodbye is not easy. Frankly, it completely sucks, especially when it’s your best friend. We had to send our precious girl over the rainbow to play with her big brother and my heart hurts. We’ve never not had a dog in the house. The boys have always had a dog. Allie was my furry… Continue reading Goodbyes Suck