Water Balloon Battles Just Got Easier!

bunch balloons

Seriously, I still don’t understand why I didn’t think of this. My kids LOVE water balloon fights. The downside is my husband and I standing in the kitchen for HOURS filling and TYING those darn things. It’s painful. Hours of work and they’re gone in under 5 minutes. The first time I saw the commercial I was like, “No way! There is no possible way it is that easy!” Have you seen these yet? Well I had to get them and try them out. It was…”Epic,” as Deacon would say. They seriously worked!

Super easy! Just look how fast they fill up. This video is 26 seconds!

See how easy that is!! So if you were wondering if they actually work, they do! We’ll definitely be having more epic battles in the future. Now between the water balloons and the squirt guns…I think the kids might have finally upped the grown-ups. No, just kidding. We’d never let that happen.

If you think this is bad, you should see the kids.

water balloon battle

Getting Outdoors

It’s so important to me that my kids play outside. We are fortunate to have a large, fenced-in back yard where I feel safe with them playing out there. There is nothing I love more than sitting in my kitchen with the windows open and hearing them play. However, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get them to go outside. It drive’s me crazy! I don’t get it. When I was a kid I was outside all the time, until I heard my mother calling out the front door for my brother and I to come in for dinner.

With this past never-ending winter, I want my boys out as much as possible. So when the kid that rather stay inside says, “Mom can we go on a hike today?” I jumped at the chance to get out there with them, crazy windy day and all. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to get outside where my fingers didn’t turn blue in a matter of minutes.

We had a great time, just me and my little guys. My husband had an “ankle incident” so he stayed home. It’s exactly the time I needed to spend with them before going back to work full time this week. We’ll need to really make the most of our weekends from now on.

windy hike1