The Bookshelf – Who Do You Love: Jennifer Weiner

who do you love

I needed a little break from the Frasers in Outlander. Those books are SO long!! Anywho, I decided to catch myself up on some Jennifer Weiner. I’ve read all of her books. The last few haven’t impressed me, but I … Continue reading

The Bookshelf – The Hardy Boys: The Secret Files

hardy boys arcade

I’ve been trying to find some new books for my middle son. He and my oldest have different interests so a lot of the chapter books I have to hand down are not among his favorites. I was trying to … Continue reading

The Book Shelf – The Dragon Masters Series

Dragon Masters

My son has been devouring the Dragon Masters series by Tracey West. He is anxiously waiting for the fifth installment to be released in April. Anxious, as in he actually asked if it was out yet. You see as much … Continue reading