Well I Thought It Was Funny

My oldest is twelve. A “tween.” Complete with the huff and puff, followed by an exaggerated eye-roll, but overall he’s a good kid. He’s not your typical tween/teen that is obsessed with his phone. He really only uses it to text my husband and I when he is on his way home from school. Occasionally,… Continue reading Well I Thought It Was Funny


6 Tips for Getting Out the Door On Time

Mornings are chaotic. I can’t imagine a home where mornings are not chaotic. I’ve always been baffled when I watch sitcoms and everyone is dressed, perky, and eating a full hot breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, fruit, and toast. Yeah, my home is definitely not like that. It used to look more like theĀ Amazing Race… Continue reading 6 Tips for Getting Out the Door On Time

The Bookshelf

Exploring Children’s Historical Fiction

My two older boys have been exploring some historical fiction with the I Survived series of books. Honestly, it is probably something they would have never picked up on their own, but they were each assigned to do an historical fiction book talk so we gave them a try. The great thing about trying something… Continue reading Exploring Children’s Historical Fiction