Thursday Night is BACK!

Who else is over-the-moon excited about tonight? Greys Anatomy and Scandal are back!! It’s been way too long. A ton of my friends have been getting dragged in and caught up on both Revenge and Scandal lately (thank you Netflix). A few episodes and they’re addicted and crazed just like me. I

It’s all about the Fall TV

I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV issue to come in. I swear it’s usually out the first week of September. I had a horrible feeling that I somehow missed it or something. But it arrived! It’s like welcoming home your favorite friends. I anticipate this issue every

What Should I Be Watching?

So Memorial Day has come and gone and things have been crazy busy with school, T-ball, and cookouts. Sorry for not keeping up with the blog. Gosh, I’ve been counting down the days till Memorial since the first frost in late fall. It’s been a really long winter here in New


When the kids go to bed the list of to-dos starts. I clean the kitchen, pack the lunches, get their back packs squared away, and get going on the laundry. If I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll squeeze in a run. After all is done I pour a glass of wine, plop

In Mourning

I’m in mourning. All my TV shows are ending for the season. These shows, a glass of wine, and Goldfish are my salvation. They give me something to look forward to each day. I know no one should rely on television this much but what ever brings a mommy some peace,

Typical Boys

Our typical Sunday in a nutshell… Arguing over who gets which life saber. Playing quietly together until the little guy hurts somebody. Screaming. Requests to play video games. Requests for more time to play video games. Arguing with each other on where to go in said video game. Explaining for the

Food, Football, & Fall

Although the calendar says we have a few more days of summer, fall has certainly struck us this weekend. The crisp air, clear skies, and cool breezes. As soon as you open the front door you can smell it…football. I’m a believer that you can tell what sport season you’re in