More Pumpkin Yumminess

If you’re not tired of anything and everything pumpkin yet,  you must try this amazin pull-apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread. My husband and children devoured it! They asked if I could make it “every day!”

Go check it out and see how the other TCC gals made out with the recipe and see their tips.


pumpkin pull apart bread


Holiday Traditions Hitting the Field

As we’ve gotten older and had our own families we’ve added some new traditions. For the past 5 years or so we’ve been playing kickball Thanksgiving day morning. It’s a great way to get together with our “other” family…our circle of friends. As they say, your friends are the family you choose.

We bundle up, gather the kids, grab coffee (and beer of course), and get together with our friends and their little ones. The crowd has gotten bigger over the years and it’s a chaotic, disorganized mess. But it is just so. much. fun!

After a few rounds the little ones either end up sitting on the bench with donuts or climbing the tree. The adults enjoy some friendly poor sportsmanship banter. We brave the cold and just laugh. After we’ve all had enough we part ways and are off to our Thanksgiving dinner plans. I love this.  I hope we continue on with this new tradition.

Finnegan is big enough to play this year, so this should be fun! Just hoping he doesn’t try to coldcock someone while rounding second base. Being the little brother, he’s a bit scrappy.

Honoring Traditions

It’s here! Ahh, the holiday season is already here. That came really fast. I swear the pool just closed up. This week I want to talk traditions. Holiday traditions. We all have them. Be it certain recipes, outings, sports games, and gatherings. What do you do with your family?

One tradition I thought I would share is something I’ve been doing since I learned to hold a crayon. Thanksgiving dinner place cards. Every year my entire family would gather at my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. Surrounded by my aunts, uncles, and cousins we would have a big family Thanksgiving dinner. Of course there was the “grown-up” table and the “kids” table, but every year I would make place cards for each table. It sort of became expected after a while. Now, it’s still expected but I have given the job to my boys. My mother has already asked if they boys were making the place cards for this year’s feast. But of course mom!

This weekend we worked on our place cards. I’m particularly excited for this years dinner because my cousin and his daughters are going to be their as well. A big Thanksgiving just like we used to have. We gathered our construction paper and glue this weekend and started making turkeys. I’m having a hard time handing over the torch…I still give them the idea and tell them what to do. Maybe next year Logan will be old enough to decide for us all and take over the tradition himself. Although if I let that happen I think our place cards would resemble T-Rex rather than turkeys or pilgrims.

I really do enjoy doing this and continuing this tradition. What are some of your favorite traditions? Please share.