Get Caught Being Kind

I’m not sure what it was. There was the hurricane, the full moon, Halloween and its abundance of candy. Maybe it was a combination of all three of these that turned my boys into angry, bickering, shouting little monsters. What ever it was that started it all, I’m not happy. They’ve just been awful lately.… Continue reading Get Caught Being Kind


Still Pouting

Yeah, we’re still not totally thrilled about pre-school, but we’re getting there. Maybe by the last day in May we’ll be running in and smiling. They have a new turtle in the classroom…who might just be our saving grace. No tears today. He sat on the carpet with his new friends in anticipation to meet… Continue reading Still Pouting

The Book Shelf

The Bookself – Quack and Count

Logan pulled Quack and Count by Keith Baker off of the bookshelf and exclaimed, “We haven’t read this book in forever!” True my boy. I forgot about that one. A perfect one for both Finnegan and Deacon. I remember when Logan used to count every single duck on every page. My first born…truthfully I miss that… Continue reading The Bookself – Quack and Count